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The Realms of Ruby, formerly known as Glory Planet, are the realms in which you can build your own ecosystem. The Ruby Token is the currency that will be used in these gamified ecosystems, Starting with a social ecosystem, users will be able to interact with their community, play games, as well as have access to utility, entertainment, governance, physical & digital e-commerce, adverstising, and also an exclusive space for content creators to enjoy exposure. Our goals to bring P2E and the metaverse into the real world through one universal app. where Ruby Tokens can not only be used in the metaverse, but also everyday life.


The Distribution of RUBY Token




These are the team leaders of the RUBY Token project, with experience spanning over a large spectrum of fields beyond just crypto.
Cameron Andersen Co-Founder

Co-Founder at Aura Box Media

TV Producer & Presenter

Crypto analyst & investor

NFT Staff Rainmaker

Christine Hsiang Co-Founder

Previously Head of APEX, General Manager, Publicis Group Worldwide

Account Lead Greater China, Omnicoms

Group Group Account Director, AdChina (Alimama China)

Co-founder, SERIOUS Production

Wei Chen CTO

IT, Devops, Blockchain project lead at Glory Planet

Had previously led several blockchain talents to develop smart contracts, digital exchange, DeFi and more

Alvin Foo

Co-founders at DAOventures & NASDEX

Previously Google's Head of Mobile China

IPG Reprise China Managing Director

Omnicom China's Head of Mobile

Advisors for SXSW, China Accelerator, Sparklabs Korea

Dr.James Ong

Founder & CEO of Origami

Founder & MD, Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII)

Previously Co-Founder of Figment

Second Life Virtual World Agency

Crypto & NFT analyst and investor




With the overwhelming support of our investors and partners, we look forward to opening new doorways for ROR to expand beyond its horizons



RUBY Token is built on BNB Chain, and has plans to expand to support other chains in the future.



RUBY Token contract has been audited by BEOSIN Blockchain Security